#63 Learning from Failure and Making America Healthy with Greg Connolly CEO of Trifecta

On today’s episode, I have Greg Connolly, CEO of Trifecta. Trifecta is the nation’s largest organic meal delivery service with over $100M in annual revenue and a dead-simple mission, “to get America back into shape.” With Greg’s leadership, Trifecta Is one of the fastest-growing U.S. startups, he’s established partnerships with premier global sports leagues and organizations including the UFC, PGA TOUR, Team USA Weightlifting, The CrossFit Games, and Mr. Olympia, and to date, Trifecta has served over 200,000 Americans

It’s safe to say Greg is juggling A TON. From having a 4-month-old boy (Kru, such a cool name), to preparing Trifecta to go public. The company went from doing 41M in 2019 to projecting over 100M in 2021, almost tripling their staff and production. Greg and I talk about his story, servant leadership, books, growth mindset, failures from past businesses, successes, morning routines, CrossFit (of course) and so much more

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