#59 How Companies like Microsoft and Apple do Employer Branding with Bryan Adams, CEO & Founder of Ph. Creative

On today’s episode, I have Bryan Adams. Bryan is the CEO and founder of wildly popular Ph.Creative, which is a global employer brand & recruitment marketing agency specializing in talent acquisition and candidate experience. The company’s clients include Apple, American Airlines, Cisco, Microsoft, Virgin Media, and many others. Bryan is also an author who has written two best-selling books, his most recent one is GIVE & GET, Employee Branding.


On the podcast, we talk about:

– how any organization (however big or small) can attract the right talent and keep it

– what is employer branding? V important if you own or run a business, or even manage a team

– what working with behemoths like Apple, Virgin and American Airlines is like

– lessons learned from 17 years in the industry

– how negative experiences can propel us into our greatest opportunities

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Ph. Creative – https://www.ph-creative.com/

The Self Help Book – https://www.amazon.com/Self-Help-Book-Practical-Growing-ebook/dp/B08QG3G247

The Sunday 6 Newsletter – https://jaredgraybeal.com/

The Self Help Journal – https://www.amazon.com/Self-Help-Journal-Gratitude-Manifestation/dp/B08RHPTLHN/ref=sr_1_4?crid=P1C829478JNQ&dchild=1&keywords=the+self+help+journal&qid=1620311555&sprefix=the+self+help+journal%2Caps%2C232&sr=8-4


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