#55 Measuring and Improving Happiness at Work with TED Speaker, Statistician and CEO of Friday Pulse, Nic Marks

In 2011, Nic Marks did a TED Talk on “The Happy Planet Index” and it has almost 2.5 Million views. This incredible talk, and his work, have and continue to dramatically change the way we look at happiness at work and in life.

Since then, Nic has started Friday Pulse, a company designed to score happiness using research and insights from behavioral psychology and systems thinking – then they help consult companies and now individuals on how to be happier at work. Nic and I talk about hot topics ranging from 5 ways to be happier at work, the Covid crisis, working from home, and how to be a leader that promotes increasing measurable levels of happiness in your life and in your workplace

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Nic’s TED Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/nic_marks_the_happy_planet_index#t-263509

Friday Pulse: fridaypulse.com

Happiness Test: fridayone.com


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