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Founder of the ZELOS Games, Jared Graybeal

Jared Graybeal is creating earning opportunities for CrossFit athletes through the creation of the ZELOS Games. A long-time member of the CrossFit community Jared is bringing world-class entrepreneurial experience to help enhance the sport of CrossFit. Jared shares about his upbringing and what inspired him to write his self-help book “6 Practical Ways to Never Stop Growing”. With all of his endeavors, he tries to encourage, educate, and empower others. 

Creating a remote fitness festival w/ Jared Graybeal

ZELOS Games’ mission is to enhance athlete earning potential and create an amazing fan experience. Jared speaks about growing the sport of CrossFit to where athletes can live off of their competition earnings. ZELOS will be live streaming their weekly workouts with top CrossFit athletes to create a better fan experience and allow for fans to watch their favorite athlete’s throwdown, The ZELOS Games begins on October 4th, 2021 through October, 24th 2021. Follow along on our Invictus Instagram page to cheer on our Invictus athletes as they take on the ZELOS Games! 

Jared Graybeal Podcast Timeline

(0:00 – 1:45) Introduction

(2:00 – 7:45) ZELOS Games & Creating a remote fitness festival 

(8:45 – 13:07) Building relationships with sponsors 

(14:28 – 19:20) What does ZELOS stand for 

(19:33 – 22:19) Enhancing the education of CrossFit to the general public

(24:00 – 27:40) ZELOS Games mission

(28:35 – 33:56) Jared’s book  “6 Practical Ways to Never Stop Growing” 

(34:09 – 46:08) Find your way out of difficult times & Recognizing transferable skills

(46:11 –  48:52) Starting E3; Encourage, Educate, and Empower

(49:00 – 52:35) Conclusion & Outro

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The Zelos Games was started to bring more earning opportunities to athletes and entertainment to fans.

This November 2022 competition will be a 4-workout competition with an overall cash prize for both Elite males and females of 30K+.


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