Founder of Zelos Games, Jared Graybeal, Recaps the Live Showcase Event

Jared Graybeal is the founder of the Zelos Games. In its second year, Jared added a live showcase event in addition to the online competition format. The live showcase featured 12 men and 12 women who did all four workouts over two days at Camp Rhino CrossFit.

In this podcast, Jared talks about what went into creating a live event that was livestreamed this past weekend and gives a glimpse behind the curtain on how he and his team pulled off such a feat.

But while the live showcase event is over, the online competition is still running. Check out the live leaderboard on Competition Corner.

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The Zelos Games was started to bring more earning opportunities to athletes and entertainment to fans.

This November 2022 competition will be a 4-workout competition with an overall cash prize for both Elite males and females of 30K+.


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