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Jared Graybeal grew up in a low income, single parent home with limited choices. An active student, not athletic, he did excel in school and achieved a full college scholarship. Then things started going downhill. In the summer of 2012, he was caught, found guilty, fined and went to jail for possession of illegal substances. And it was during his time in prison where he found both his passion for fitness and faith.

Fast forward to 2016. Graybeal is the chief executive officer of his own company, Superfit Foods, and part investor and owner in Crome Fitness Gyms, both located in the Jacksonville area. His FitLife journey includes operating, owning and serving as general manager of a several gyms, a certified personal trainer, a corrective exercise specialist and fitness nutrition specialist (FNS).

One Addiction for Another

One might say, “what a great story of trials and triumph,” but for those who have experienced major life setbacks, or hit rock-bottom, these can become turning points in people’s lives. “Wrong place at the wrong time kinda’ thing…but it was here where I found God,” Graybeal said.

While in jail, Graybeal needed an addiction to replace his addiction. He began working out in an open area of the prison and in his cell. Weights weren’t provided so he improvised. He used his own body weight including the facility itself: telephone booths, tables, chairs, books, stairs, whatever was viable. His prison mates started joining him each day. He was encouraged to start writing down the workout routines. Before you know it, a new addiction was formed, a passion for working out and helping others.

Graybeal describes Superfit Foods as a flexible, affordable, healthy meal preparation and delivery service for those who have limited meal prep time, nutrition knowledge geared for those looking to stay healthy, lose weight loss or increase lean muscle. There are five pre-designed meals, but he says meals can be customized to accommodate your existing diet plan, nutritional needs, and/or allergies. Three locations are provided in Clay County: 1st Place Sports on Park Avenue, Total Body Nutrition on Blanding Boulevard at Filmore Street and CrossFit Dominus off Wells Road in the Industrial Loop. Check out the website below for local drop-off times.

Graybeal gives credit to his faith and trust in God for his success. He is actively involved in his church, local community events and helping people in general, especially his mom who recently had a stroke. His vision is to “multiply the impact that our team has in the city of Jacksonville and eventually, the nation.”

To learn more about SuperFit Foods, visit Facebook at SuperFit Foods. Instagram: @superfit_foods. Phone: (863) 450-2900 Email: -and- you can catch some some of his workouts on Instagram @jaredgraybeal

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