#52 Sunna Van Kampen, CEO and Founder of Tonic, the UK’s fastest-growing immunity brand, on starting a health brand amidst a pandemi‪c‬

In this episode, I have the founder of Tonic, the UK’s fastest-growing immunity brand, Sunna van Kampen. Tonic is essentially a high-dose immunity drink combined with natural plant extracts to help our immune system fight back. Whilst Sunna worked in the corporate finance industry, and he would catch a cold three or four times a winter. All the cold and flu solutions on the market were designed only for symptomatic relief – not a single product helped your body recover. Developing and honing in on his entrepreneurial spirit, Sunna decided to create a product that would be both natural and backed by studies to support the immune system in times of need. Today, the product is being sold at over 1600 stores and doing more than seven annual revenue figures (in about 1 year!) On the podcast, Sunna and I talk about the challenges and advantages of starting an immunity brand, how his experience in corporate settings gave him the competence needed to scale his idea, and the value of patient urgency. Check it out! And make sure to leave a review, and share the episode with a friend ( :


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