#51 Cofounder of AMZN Advisors, Mike Begg, on eCommerce, Nearshoring and building a team in Mexic‪o

On this episode, I have Mike Begg, cofounder and CMO of AMZN Advisors, a 7-figure digital marketing agency focused primarily on the Amazon platform. Mike is an eCommerce entrepreneur and made the jump to start his own business and get into eCommerce while he was working in real estate for Sears and could see the writing on the wall that the company was going down. At the same time, Amazon was in its ascendency and he saw a huge opportunity to build a business around it. Mike and I talk about his journey from Sears, to selling ebooks, to starting his own agency that helps others have success on the Amazon platform. Whether you are interested in transitioning full time to e-commerce, or creating a new side hustle, you will enjoy this episode! Please make sure to leave a review, and share this episode with a friend!


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