Entrepreneurial Ways To Make Money During Hard Time Right Now That Anyone Can Do

Everyone is looking for answers right now. Lots of people are laid off or on temporary leave with little to no pay coming in. I’ve written this for you.

Most of the nation’s financial elite will tell you that when things get tough, there is still plenty of opportunities. You just have to be humble, open-minded, hard-working and proactive. You don’t need to be rich to see opportunities; you just have to be diligent. It’s not their money that makes them special, it’s their mindset. 

Before you find your answers, you have to ask yourself some questions. Once you ask yourself the right questions, you have to connect the dots. 

First, you have to think about: when times are tough, what do most people still care about? 

Write down your answers. Here are some I wrote down: 

– how they look (cars, clothes, house, yard, etc)

– their health (physical, mental, spiritual, psychological)

– essentials like food, water, and toiletries

And if you don’t want to cater to a general audience, think about the elite class who have spending money no matter what. What services will they pay for at a high dollar for quality and convenience?

Write down anything you think I missed. In my opinion, the elite class cares about all of the above, just with higher quality and more convenience + luxury and comfort

Once you’ve identified all of the things people might pay for, then you have to ask:

1. What are you good at? (right now)

2. What are you experienced or educated in already?

3. What could you get good at quickly if you started today? (minimal education or experience needed)

4. What do the people around you need? (tap into your existing circles/pipeline)

5. How can you get access to those things? (i.e lawn equipment)

After you answer those questions, here are 12 jobs I came up with that you can start right away. Don’t limit yourself to what I’ve written, because I’m sure there are hundreds of other things you can do. Whatever you do, don’t just tell yourself the excuse that “there are no jobs out there”.


  • Cut Lawns

According to figures from Entrepreneur.com, lawn care and landscaping business owners earned anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 in their first year and as much as $160,000 to $250,000 once they were in business a few years. 

If you charged an average of $25 per yard, did 8 yards a day in the same neighborhood in an average of 1 hour each, you’d make $200 a day or $1,000 a week, which is $50,000 per year before taxes and expenses. 

Starting a basic lawn care business shouldn’t cost you too much money. If you already have a vehicle, buying a trailor and a basic line of equipment should cost you less than $2,000. During hard times, you could get everything you needed by asking friends, family, neighbors, and relatives to borrow theirs. If any of them need an incentive, offer them a percentage of your income until you buy your own, or pay them per month for their equipment.  

  • Car Detailing

Full-time owners can earn as much as $75,000 in profits, according to the mobile detail franchise seller Carbuffs, while those who operate businesses part-time can make as much as $50,000. This is assuming they detail five to seven cars per day during a five-day workweek.

I did this when I was in high school and made really good money; it’s just hard work. You can buy all of the equipment needed (cleaning supplies, water tank, pressure washer, and trailer) for under $1,000. 

  • Pressure Washing

This can pair well with car detailing. In some regions, professionals working with power and pressure washers can hope to earn between $40 to $60 per hour, or $78,000 per year at an average of $50 per hour working 30 hours a week.


  • At-home Dog Grooming

The average mobile groomer reports grooming six dogs a day, at an average of $65 per dog. This comes out to $390/day or $101,400 per year before taxes and expenses. Starting a business like this can cost you anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000, depending on the equipment you want. You can start small and still be effective for under $2,000. 

  • Come-to-you barber

If you cut 5 people’s hair at $30 per cut per day, you’ll make $150 per day or $46,800 per year. Starting this business can cost you anywhere from $500 to $1,000. 

  • Dog Walking

People love their animals, and dog walking/grooming is a 1.5 billion dollar industry. Part-time dog walkers make an average of $20,000 per year, and starting this business can cost you less than $500. 

  • Dog Poop Cleaning

Same as the above. A pooper-scooper can make $40 to $45 per hour if he works with an average of four clients per hour. This job requires very little money to start. 

VIRTUAL/DIGITAL PROFESSIONS (experience and/or education required):

  • Virtual Therapy 
  • Online Trainer / At-Home-Trainer (or Physical Therapy, etc)
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Book Keeping

An experienced and educated professional in these fields can make up to 6 figures working from home and for themselves. 

…but how do you sell it?

This is where humility comes in. This is what you do:

– post on all social media platforms that you are now offering these services at competitive and negotiable pricing

– walk door to door in your neighborhood or a nearby neighborhood where people can afford this service (if it is car detailing or pressure washing, you could approach homes or businesses, assuming they are open)

– text all your friends and family, ask them if they are interested and ask that they recommend you to others

– create a business page on Facebook and Instagram and invest a little of your own money to create some ads and target your audience accordingly

Good luck!

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