Episode 9: What You Need to Know About Chiropractors

In this episode, I interview Chiropractor Dr. Shaun Janse Van Rensberg (be careful saying this around him LOL) and ask all the questions everyone else is wondering about the profession and field of Chiropractic Medicine!       What got you into this field?       Common misconceptions about chiropractic practice?       Common injuries?       What is your most memorable SUCCESS STORY? […]

Episode 8: 3 Steps to Establishing Yourself as a Leader

This episode is exactly as it sounds, and it is worth 15 or so minutes of your time! *There will be an underlying message throughout each step: Servanthood and Humility 1. Learn the work “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” John F. Kennedy       Going to a University or Trade School       Hands on experience […]

Episode 7: From Business To Ministry with Pastor Drew King

Pastor Drew is the Chief Business Officer for Celebration Church, a mentor of mine and just a super wise dude. In this episode, I sit down with Drew to discuss everything from his history as a businessman owning a multimillion dollar company to how he transitioned into ministry as well as how he ended up […]

Episode 6: Talking Nutrition with Jacksonville Jaguars Dietitian Mindy Black

In Episode 2, we began a conversation on the impact of nutrition on mental health – and covered a ton of great ground. In this episode, we meet with Mindy Black, who owns the Dieticians of Palm Valley (with Sammy) and is the Dietitian of the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team. Mindy tells her story of […]

EPISODE 5: 8 Keys To The Perfect One On One Leadership Review

Consistent communication is one of our core values at both Superfit Foods and E3, so it’s important for me to regularly meet with key leaders within our teams and make sure that we are always on the same page. I’m bias, but I believe this should be a core value within any relationship-based organization no […]

Episode 4: Career, Relationships, Fitness, Faith and your Side Hustle

Episode 4 of Live Well Lead Well WITH ALEX SANFILLIPO PODCAST: Career, Relationships, Fitness, Faith and your Side Hustle – Balancing all 5 with Alex Sanfillipo Alex is a good friend of mine and many others, a business leader, an entrepreneur, public speaker, husband, exercise enthusiast and an influential man of God. In addition, he […]


The Zelos Games was started to bring more earning opportunities to athletes and entertainment to fans.

This November 2022 competition will be a 4-workout competition with an overall cash prize for both Elite males and females of 30K+.


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