Here’s 31 things I’ve learned in My 31 Years

Another year in the books!

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1. Pray like everything depends on God, but work like everything depends on me

2. Time is more valuable than money, and energy is more valuable than time

3. Dream big but be okay with starting small. The paper plane came before the Wright Flyer

4. People make time for what matters to them

5. Wisdom is more important than wealth 

6. Every hardship you face is an opportunity to either overcome, learn, or give up. By giving up, you delay the inevitable and will learn the same lesson later on – the choice is up to you 

7. Be different, not just sorry 

8. The easiest way to stay in physical shape: take the stairs and avoid fast food

9. The easiest way to stay in mental shape: journal regularly 

10. Focus on controlling yourself, and helping other people (instead of helping yourself, and controlling other people) 

11. Question every thing… but just know if advance that most people won’t like it

12. Test your instincts before you trust them 

13. Be yourself – unless you suck (refer back to 7 & 9)

14. Great coaches are not easy to play for – so great leaders shouldn’t be easy to work for

15. If you over commit and feel burnt out – its your fault; not your friends, spouse, coworkers, work or boss 

16. Most people are inherently good if you empower them to be; character can oftentimes be a self-fulfilling prophecy 

17. Real entrepreneurs don’t “work for themselves “. They work for the people

18. Morally driven capitalism is a significant contribution to society and ultimately drives the most positive change

19. Master the art of pivoting and you’ll rely much less on being comfortable with failure 

20. Luck favors the persistent. The harder you try, the luckier you get

21. You have to intentionally build your ideal social circle – it doesn’t happen by accident 

22. Vision precede greatness, not vice versa

23. Setting and accomplishing goals, big or small, can be one of the greatest contributions to mental & emotional stability 

24. Ambition is actually unattractive to some people – don’t worry about those people 

25. Don’t let your ambitions become so demanding that you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor

26. Keep asking “why” until you figure it out 

27. We’re all really a cumulative result and product of the choices we’ve made until now

28. At first, it takes time to make money. Then, it takes money to make money (save your time)

29. Accomplishing most goals feels empty when you do, unless the outcome benefits other people

30. Comparison, in the right context, is healthy. Out of context, it’ll destroy you. 98% of comparison is out of context 

31. Always start with prayer – Jesus is the answer

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